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Self portrait taken in a mirror while waiting for my wife who was shopping

Me and my wife and love of my life Georgeta relaxing at home.

Greenscreen photo of me and Georgeta
Together Forever!

Greenscreen - Brianna scooting past a glowing space mushroom.

Michael Jr. facing down Optimus Prime

Michael taking a close-up of a flower

Michael Jr in a dangerous lightsaber duel

Brianna flying with the butterflies

Honey Bee resting on a leaf at a park

A pair of B-25 bombers doing a fly
by at an airshow at Chino, California.

A Blue Heron bringing a branch
back to help build a new nest

Big engine - big firepower an airshow

Giraffes in love.  

Ladybugs swarming.

Brianna walking the runway

A little cactus bloom photographed in at garden at Santa Clara University.

A proud and beautiful Crowned African Crane enjoying the sun at the zoo.

A Banana Chopper setting down
at an airshow at Chino Airport

An orange dragonfly resting on a cable

A meerkat family portrait

My friend Brian Moon spinning fire creating arches with dragon heads.

A pair of fighers doing a fly by
at an airshow at Chino Airport

A busy bee approachng a flower
on a tree in our backyard.

Pilots - start you engines!

A Snowy Egret warbeling and jockeying for position in a tree top full of nests.

Greenscreen picture of my son
with a very strange giraffe

Michael Jr taking a funny picture of
 his sister at the botanical gardens

Michael Jr gets a hug from mommy!

Greenscreen photo of Brianna sitting pretty under a magic mushroom.

A seagull scimming across the water

In the eye of the stork!

A gull at a preserve came in for a spectacular splash landing.

A shot using rear curtain sync flash to capture the movement of a glowhoop.

I spied some awesome kiteboarders at the beach one day.

The moon over the SCU parking structure as I was just leaving work.

An orange rose shot in broad daylight with a flash to get a black background.

Here is one of the many Squirrels that call SCU their home.  It is a nice place.

Kiteboarding... What a great sport!  It is so fun to watch them do this.

A great egret flying into the sunset.

Michael Jr spinning some glowballs.

There are many beautiful roses at SCU that are nice to photograph.

Michael Swartz - Photographing the world.  I like to see things the DSLR way

Brianna and Georgeta Swartz
These are my favorite girls!

Here is a beautiful rose the morning after a light rain in Santa Clara.

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